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Nature's Best Healing Agents & Antiseptic 

Tea Tree.png

Australian Tea Tree Oil
Known to have anti-bacterial, anti-microbial & anti-viral properties.  It is also an anti-fungal and an insecticide. It helps reduce inflammation and triggers the activity of white blood cells that are instrumental in the healing process.


Goldenseal Oil
Is one of the top 5 selling herbal products in the US. It is an anti-inflammatory topical insect repellent, a natural antibiotic, and a cancer fighter.  It has an antiseptic effect that stimulates epithelial growth for skin closure.


Comfrey Oil
Removes inflammation from wounds for rapid healing, reduces pain, boosts the immune system, promotes growth and strength in bones


Myrrh Oil
Is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory that also helps fight against Staph infections.  It helps elevate white blood cells around skin wounds leading to faster healing.  It also acts as an astringent to help prevent hair loss.


Aloe Vera Oil
Helps heal sunburn, itching, and inflammation.  It has anti-viral, anti-fungal, and antioxidant effects.


Jojoba Oil
One of nature’s most potent penetrating remedies for moisturizing and conditioning.  It can be used on sunburn, chapped skin and it encourages hair regrowth. 


Eucalyptus Oil
This oil helps to reduce inflammation and sooths bug bites.  It is a “Broad-spectrum anti-microbial, fights bacterial, viral, and fungal infections.  It also serves as an analgesic pain reliever.

St. Johns Wort.png

St Johns Wort Oil
Helps with the stimulation of oxygen to skin cells to start the repairing process.  It is also known to aid in anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.


Calendula Oil
Aids in wound healing and itchy skin.  It is also a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.

St. Johns Wort.png

Arnica Oil
This oil is recommended for delayed onset muscle soreness, it helps to promote local blood circulation and helps to reduce swelling.  It is also a natural pain reliever, protects against infections, helps with bug bites and to promote hair growth.

Port Orford.png

Port Orford Cedar Oil
Repels insects, protects against fleas and is natural fungicide, anti-viral and anti-bacterial agent.


Citronella Oil
Is a natural insect repellent and also a Bio-pesticide with a non-toxic action.  It heals insect bites and is an anti-bacterial and anti-fungicide agent 


Peppermint Oil
This oil has significant anti-microbials, and anti-viral activities.  It is a natural pain killer and muscle relaxant.  Promotes hair growth, relieves itchiness, and repels bugs.  It has been found that Peppermint oil has a (SPF) value that is higher than most other essential oils and is a sunburn preventative. 

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