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Essential Equine FOAM-ON RINSE-OFF WASH 32_128oz.png



QuikClenz® is the healthy way to quickly and effectively wash your horse!  QuikClenz® foaming action penetrates hair follicles, rinses easily, returns the skin pH to a healthy level and leaves a long-lasting shine.

  • pH balanced to 6.5 like Baby Shampoo

  • Unique formulation of cleansers, conditioners, optical brighteners and ionic components

  • Cleans, Conditions, Shines, Repels Dirt

  • Quick, Easy to Use, Leaves no Residue

  • Deeply cleansing but not at all harsh to skin or hair

  • Will not cause tack or saddle slippage on horses.

  • 40:1 concentrate, 1 gallon should provide around 30 washes

  • Foamer Bottle attaches to any hose

Available in 32oz & 128oz Refill

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