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Essential Equine TEA-PRO WOUND SPRAY  16_128oz .png



Tea-Pro® is an excellent aid in the treatment of open wounds, lacerations, cuts, burns and abrasions. Aids in the reduction of proud flesh and skin closure for even healing.

  • Equine & Pet Wound Spray 

  • Safe on Horses & Dogs

  • Used directly on Open & Deep Wounds

  • Cuts, Sores in mouth, Teeth Problems

  • Made with Nature’s best Healing Agents and Antiseptics including Tea Tree Oil (anti-microbial activity), Goldenseal (stimulates epithelial growth or skin closure), Comfrey (removes exudates from wounds for more rapid healing), Myrrh (helps fight against staph infections and helps elevates white blood cells leading to faster healing), Aloe Vera (soothing)

  • Actually retards proud flesh and allows for  an even bed of granulation tissue and healing

  • No Alcohol, Non-Stinging, Rapid-Acting

  • Anti-Microbial, Non-greasy

Available in 16oz & 128oz Refill

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