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Essential Equine WOW STAIN REMOVER & WHITNER 16_128.png



WOW® is a Natural brightening, Bio-degradable, Enzyme-Activated Color Restorer that turns yellowed manes, tails and feathers back to natural color, removes protein based stains by breaking the bond between dirt, feces, urine, etc. attached to hair and skin of horses.

  • Equine stain remover for grass, dirt, manure on manes, tails and feathers

  • NOT a bleach, dye or stripping agent

  • Specifically formulated to break the ionic bond between grime, dirt, feces, urine, feces, dust, stains, etc. ionically attached to hair and skin

  • Not a cover-up!

  • Pleasant peppermint oil scent 

  • Turns yellowed manes, tails, and feathers back to natural color!

  • Natural brightening action for any color horse

  • Works on grass and manure stains rapidly!

  • Safe, clean, easy to use, with NO purple mess!

Available in 32oz

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